Sunday, April 7, 2013

Oxycon Mobile System

Breezing, a spin-out from Arizona State University, has developed a hand-held metabolism tracker which connects to your smartphone or tablet. The new device, which is also called Breezing, uses indirect calorimetry to measure your resting energy expenditure, your energy source (fat or carbohydrates) and allows you to track these parameters over time.The system comprises lab-on-chip gas analyzers packaged in a battery powered, user friendly enclosure. It is Bluetooth enabled to allow easy transfer of data to your smart phone or tablet. Details of the magic behind the miniaturization of the system are understandably vague at this stage. Indirect calorimetry typically estimates the energy expended by an individual by analyzing their oxygen consumption and exhaled gas composition. Traditionally these measurements required bulky lab-based systems, but in recent years portable metabolic analysis systems, like the Oxycon Mobile System, have allowed for the portable analysis of energy expenditure, often for performance analysis of athletes.

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